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Orthopaedic trauma

Yes, a fracture is the same thing as a broken bone, however, each and every fracture is as unique as the patient who sustains it. While many of the fractures and other injuries sustained by younger patients are managed as sports injuries, traumatic injuries in the very young and the very old require specific experience Read on … !

Pelvic Trauma

Pelvic injuries, fractures and traumas can be divided into fractures of the acetabulum, stable / unstable fractures of the pelvic ring and avulsion fractures.

Acetabular (hip joint cup) fractures in children and adults result from high velocity trauma such as hip dislocations or motor vehicle accidents. Low velocity trauma such as a fall out of Read on … !

Injuries and Accidents

We specialise in treatment of trauma of the lower limb (including hip, knee and foot trauma) as well as trauma of the pelvis and upper limb (including hand, elbow and shoulder trauma).

Trauma orthopedics does not only involve treatment of broken bones (fractures) and the old comical image of the patient with all four limbs Read on … !

Hand Surgery

Both surgeons at the Cape Joint Surgery maintain a keen interest in hand surgery, a sub-speciality in orthopedics which overlaps with plastic surgery to some extent and requires meticulous technique and soft-tissue management. Dr Engela was involved with the Groote Schuur Hospital hand clinic for many years and was the driving force behind the establishment Read on … !

Sport injuries

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to manage all comers with sport injuries according to their specific requirements and according to international standard-of-care treatment guidelines, in order to bring them back to their previous level of competition as soon as possible.

As a general rule, sports injuries tend to involve the Read on … !

Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries as well as non-traumatic conditions are specialist problems which are best managed by super specialist spinal surgeons with neurosurgical input as required. While we do not treat these conditions at the Cape Joint Surgery. We recognise that patients with hip arthritis may sometimes present with symptoms of lower back pain and vice versa. Read on … !

Knee surgery

The Cape Joint Surgery surgeons are both super-specialist fellowship trained knee surgeons with extensive experience in the diagnosis of adult knee problems as well as knee problems in children. We perform both elective- as well as trauma-related knee surgery. This includes the management of meniscal injuries as well as knee ligament injuries such as anterior Read on … !

Muscle Injuries

Muscle injuries are a common occurrence in the form of localised bruising or a blood clot (haematoma) in the substance of the muscle. This may occur due to direct trauma such as after a rugby tackle. These types of muscle injuries usually heal well with conservative treatment.

Muscle tears are fortunately a less common problem, Read on … !

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (ACL)

The anterior cruciate ligament is an intra-articular ligament which stabilises the knee joint. It is often torn during physical activity and and this may occur after a rugby tackle or a sidestep. Associated injuries are meniscal tears and bone bruising around the articular surfaces. While not all anterior cruciate ligament tears require surgical management, there Read on … !

Hip Pain

Hip pain often presents a diagnostic problem to a referring doctor, for two reasons. Firstly, what the patient describes as “hip pain”, may involve pain in the groin, pain over the lateral thigh as well as pain in the buttock, sometimes radiating down the leg. Secondly, patients who present like this, may have problems which Read on … !

Hip Pain in Childhood

Hip pain in children / pathology may often presents with knee pain (referred pain) and every child that presents in such a way should have been examined and possibly imaged. Children are are notoriously unable to distinguish between specific locations of pain around the hip. Hip pathologies in children occurred at different times of their Read on … !

Total Hip Replacement

A total hip replacement is a very successful procedure for patients with arthritis of the hip. Arthritis of the hip can be caused by osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, or secondary arthritis due to an injury or deformity. Hip fractures are often treated with a hip replacement if screw and plate fixation can not be done.

Minimally Read on … !

Revision Hip Replacement

Revision Hip replacement is the term used for the procedures performed to repair or replace a failed or malfunctioning hip replacement. This is specialized surgery that should only be done by surgeons with experience in hip replacement surgery and with superspecialist revision surgery experience. The indications for revision surgery include aseptic loosening (implant loosening without Read on … !

Adult Elbow Conditions

Fractures around the elbow

Adult Elbow injuries or fractures can range from undisplaced crack fractures, which he can definitely be treated in splints with a view to early movement of the elbow joint, to severely shattered fractures into the joint, which require meticulous reconstruction in order to prevent severe elbow stiffness. A fact that is Read on … !

Elbow Injuries in Children

Elbow injuries in children are extremely complicated orthopaedic problems to deal with and the diagnosis requires extensive experience as well as insight into the x-ray findings at various stages of a child’s elbow growth. In children, the injured elbow is often too painful and swollen to examine and the diagnosis rests with special investigations. Fractures Read on … !

Avulsion Fractures

Avulsion fractures, or, pull off fractures as they are more commonly known, around the hip are fairly common in children and they may occur in a number of locations, including the ischial tuberosity (hamstrings), the anterior superior iliac spine (Sartorius) as well as the anterior inferior iliac spine (rectus femoris) and the lesser trochanter of Read on … !

Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis (SUFE)

Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis occurs most commonly in overweight teenage boys and the pathological process involves slippage of the proximal femoral epiphysis relative to the neck of femur through the hypertrophic layer of the growth plate. These patients present with hip pain or, on occasion, knee pain, as well as a stiff hip, which deviate Read on … !

Hip Problems

The Cape Joint Surgery surgeons are both super-specialist fellowship trained hip surgeons with extensive experience in the diagnosis of hip arthritis, other adult hip problems as well as hip problems in children. We perform both elective- as well as injury-related hip surgery. The practice performs total hip replacement procedures in private as well as in Read on … !

Knee Ligament Injury (other than ACL)

With Knee Ligament Injury, the ACL is the most commonly injured single ligament in the knee and also by far and away the ligament which is most often reconstructed, other ligament such as the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), the medial collateral- (MCL) and lateral collateral ligament (LCL) as well as the posterolateral corner of the Read on … !

Cartilage Regeneration Procedures

Localised, isolated cartilage defects and degeneration with thinning of the cartilage are the first steps in the development of generalised osteoarthritis.

Cartilage regeneration is a panacea in orthopaedics. Should this become consistently possible in patients with degenerative joint disease, cartilage regeneration in combination with realignment procedures around the knee joint would effectively obviate the need Read on … !