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Constantia Joint Replacement Unit
As a members of the Constantia Joint Replacement Unit our patients will have special care during the pre-operative and post-operative periods of this surgical process.
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We have a dedicated Sister, Helen Young, with years of experience, who is able to answer most questions regarding hip and knee joint replacement surgery; she also assists patients with pre-operative evaluation and any pre-operative questions; she does daily ward rounds to ensure that the patients receive the best possible treatment whilst in hospital; she helps with post-operative placement and with authorization and arrangements to be made for patients once they get discharged from the hospital.

She is also available on a cellphone for consultation in the post-operative period should patients have any questions.
This service offers a full package where patients are informed about all possibilities and all aspects of their replacement surgery.
For more information contact: Sister Helen Young on + 27 83-645-4009.